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SZÍN-HELY is avaible in preagreed time, but, of course we are still available via email and sms, phone.

About Aura-Soma

Please visit the website:

About us:

SZÍN-HELY is an AURA-SOMA® training center and currently the sole Aura-Soma Products Ltd. distributor in Hungary.

At SZÍN-HELY Tünde Básthy who is an AURA-SOMA® registered teacher and practitioner presents all level of practitioner’s training and other Aura-Soma courses.


SZÍN-HELY as well as the website ( is managed by FI-AD Advisory and Training Ltd.

FI-AD Advisory and Training Ltd. is a registered training spot, registration number: B/2020/005879

Courses for English speaking students: On demand we are happy to organize courses in English as well.

Course fee:

Course fee EUR 01.06.2022

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